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Miss Barodawala
A young female patient visited our practice for a smile makeover. She was disturbed with presence of gaps of/ spaces between her natural teeth and wanted to undergo smile makeover.
On thorough examination, we conveyed to her that it’s a minor issue and can be treated using porcelain veneers. In order to gain the patient's confidence and at the same time deliver a predictable outcome. We performed digital smile designing for the patient using latest software. After the patient was happy and approved the design, we went ahead and started the treatment.
Patient was first given a test drive of the smile using temporary crowns. After understanding the Do’s and Don’ts of the patient final porcelain veneers were designed and manufactured for the patient.
The closure of spaces/gaps was achieved. The patient was ecstatic after looking at the outcome.

Patient Comments/ Review:

An excellent place to be in, Doctor pays attention to minute details and has great aesthetic sense. All my wishes were fulfilled and finally the outcome was overwhelming. Highly recommended due to their expertise and ethics.

All Ceramic porcelain veneers were designed for the patient using CAD CAM milling technology.
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