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Miss Kdwani
A young female patient conscious of her smile and looks discussed her concerns with us. She had a gummy smile and presence of teeth that were shorter compared to the length of her face. She wanted longer teeth and wanted the display of gums to be hidden.
We performed digital smile designing for her and printed a new set of teeth for her after her approval.
Porcelain Veneers were made for the patient based on the digital design.
A great improvement in the smile and reduction in the Gums display was achieved in this case. The patient was overjoyed with the conservative approach used for her treatment.
A perfect blend of pink and white can be appreciated in this result.

Patient Comments/ Review:

A gummy smile along with small size of teeth led to low confidence as my work demanded facing camera day in and day out. Dr. Lakha not only addressed my concerns but also paid keen attention to my overall appearance. This treatment has been a game changer for me and I highly recommend Swiss Dental Aesthetics for smile makeover



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