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Mr. Khanna

A 50 year old patient visited our practice with the following issues:

 1: I am unable to chew food

2: My smile is unaesthetic

3: I have sensitivity in my teeth

On examination we observed that patients teeth were reduced in size.

We planned few root canals for the patients and aesthetic crowns.

Patient's smile was restored using all ceramic crowns. The shade of the crows were customized as per the patient's complexion.

A great change in smile and appearance was noted after the crowns were cemented. A happy patient walked out our office wearing a beautiful smile.
Patient Comments/ Review:
Dr. Tabrez & Ameera changed ensured that I had a pain free dental experience and help me look more confident and youthful. Now I can smile without any hesitation. I highly recommend their clinic to people who need a complete smile makeover.



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