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General Questions

Baby teeth come into the mouth by 12 months of age. If they come earlier or later than this period then you should visit a Dental office.
As per American Dental Association the first dental visit of the child should be at the age of 1 year.
Children often are used to munching junk food and sweets at regular intervals throughout the day. Inculcating simple habits like brushing teeth twice a day (morning and before sleeping). Rinsing of mouth during the day after food and intake of sweets can prevent tooth decay.
Depending on the age of the child different type of tooth paste should be use:
  • 0 to 3 years- Non-Fluoridated tooth paste should be used.
  • 3-6 years- Flouridated tooth paste in less quantity can be used.
  • After 6 years – Normal quantity of fluoridated tooth paste can be used.


The most important aspect is to prevent Ingestion and swallowing of the tooth paste in your child.
This is the most common decay seen in children. It happens due to nursing during the bed time. The Milk in the child’s mouth gets accumulated as the child sleeps and this leads to multiple decays. There are two ways to avoid this.
  1. After nursing the child, use a cloth soaked in water and clean the milk deposits on the gums and teeth.
  2. Use only Water in the Nursing bottle during night time.
The use of Pacifiers and thumb sucking are commonly observed in children and they often leave these habits on their own. However, if they still continue the habit after the age of 3 years then the parents should consult the dentist. As these habits will disturb the alignment of the teeth and will lead to future problems.
A visit to the dentist is must at the Age of 8 years to determine if your child has incorrect Jaw alignment. If the Jaw alignment of the child is incorrect then the braces should be started as soon as possible as the alignment can be easily corrected from the age of 8-10 years.
In earlier days it was a general believe that baby teeth are of no use as they tend to fall off after a certain age. However, this is not TRUE. Baby teeth are as important as your permanent teeth, they guide the permanent teeth eruption into the right place in the mouth. A decay in baby teeth affects the health of the growing permanent teeth as well.


Ashmi Singhai

I had an amazing experience with Dr Tabrez & Dr Amiraa at Swiss. They truly care . Their facility is world class and the hygiene standards are international. They are absolutely ethical and advise only what's really required rather than pushing unnecessary treatment to the client to increase bill amount. Their work is high quality and they put their best efforts in keeping the client extremely comfortable through out and after the treatment. Can't praise their practice enough. One of the Best dental treatment you can get in Mumbai.

Firdaus Abid

Dr Tabrez and Dr Ameera were very welcoming andfriendly. They both were very nice and informative.They made me feel right at hime. They truly care for patients well being. They provide 5 star service and I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!

Batul Qamri

Dr. Tabrez and Dr. Ameera are thorough professionals who do their jobs with utmost care. Not only is their clinic spotlessly clean (which is the need of the hour) but the treatments rendered are also at par with international standards.

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