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Benefits of Dental Implants:


Dr. Tabrez Lakha is a best Implantologist in Mumbai, After completing his Masters in Prosthodontics and Implantology he received advanced training in implantology from the University of Zürich in Switzerland. In 2018, he was awarded the prestigious International Team for Implantology Scholarship at the University of Zurich.

He has authored more than 30 International Publications. His clinical and research work has been published in journals of USA, Europe & Asia. He is also a mentor and director of International Team for Implantology study club in Mumbai. He has delivered multiple international lectures in Europe & Singapore.

  • BDS,MDS, ITI Scholar
  • University of Zürich
  • Prosthodontist & Implantologist
  • Assistant Professor Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
  • Guest Lecturer – National University of Singapore
  • Reviewer- International Journal of Prosthodontics
  • Director of ITI Study Club Mumbai

Dr. Tabrez Lakha is a renowned Implantologist, he is the only Indian to receive advanced training in implantology from University of Zürich in Switzerland

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Shifa Viweria

His explanation gives satisfaction n makes things look so easy ..His calmness n experience is incomparable with all the latest techniques..todays time u get dr who make u shell out money for unnecessary procedures but he will do only the required treatment without any hassle...

Abdul Moaeen Belgaumwala

I went for implant service and had a great 5 star experience based on the following points:- Very Professional Consulting, Step by step approach explained with timeline and without compromising or hurrying to complete the process, Detailed process explained at start itself, Check up and follow up for consultation or detailed explanation at every stage, Finances and payments explained at the start, Total hygiene observed even for Covid 19 situation or otherwise. Overall very professional handling and No surprises at all.

Tahera Shaikh

Doctor Tabrez is very well versed in his field of work. He was very patient,kind and has a gentle hand. Makes the patient feel very comfortable . I would highly recommend him to others

Firdos Gulroozi

I would like to thank Dr Tabrez and Dr Ameera for the fabulous experience. Visiting a dentist was always a nightmare for me due to which I had lost quite a few teeth and had badly infected teeth. I have got implants and caps and root canal treatment done from Dr Tabrez and Dr Ameera. I must say I had a smooth and comfortable experience. They explained the treatment procedure and costings before the treatment and were gentle and comforting throughout the treatment. Dr Ameera has a light and gentle touch. If you are looking for a painless experience then do visit them.

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Dental Implants – The Permanent Solution for your missing teeth
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Why Choose Us:

Dental Implants are commonly used to replace teeth. However, what matters the most is the type of implant used in your oral cavity for replacement of lost teeth.

“Our clinic has a track record of 99.4% Success rate”

We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics use one of the best implants available across the globe. Straumann implants are manufactured in Switzerland and have a very high success rate. Swiss Dental Aesthetics is considered to be one of the best Implant clinic in Mumbai 

Walkthrough to Implant Journey

Day 1

Consultation , X rays & Measurements.

Day 3- Day 5

Implant Placement and temporary crowns

Day 8-12

Removal of Stitches

2-3 Months after surgery

Final Caps and Instructions for maintenance of Implants.

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General Questions

Being the one of the best dentist in Mumbai, we use advance, efficient & long acting anaesthetic agents in our clinic. The anesthesia relaxes the patient and makes the entire procedure painless. Majority of our patients return to work immediately after the surgery. They have described the pain less then what they have experienced after tooth removal or root canal treatment.
We routinely perform Guided Implant surgery at our clinic, In this procedure we plan the implants on the computer before the surgery and according to the plan the implants are placed using a sophisticated template. This type of surgery is blood less and does not need any form of stitches.
Implants if done right and by a qualified Implantologist can last a lifetime. We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics pride ourselves with a success rate of 99.4%. We have been following a patient who has undergone implant treatment in the year 1988.
Implant failure though rare can occur in the following conditions.
This type of failure occurs within 8 weeks after the implant surgery. The failure is commonly seen in individuals who have uncontrolled diabetes or are prone to develop infections easily. It is also seen when the quality of implants used are not as per International standards.
The chances of delayed failure is rare, Although can occur in individuals if they do not maintain adequate hygiene. We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics perform regular check-up and follow ups of our implant patients bi-annually & hence have not observed a single case of delayed failure in our clinic.  
All on 4 or All on 6 implant treatment comprises of placement of 4 to 6 implants in the upper and lower jaw in order to provide immediate crowns to the patients on the same day of the surgery. The treatment has high success rate and is performed in patients who have complete absence of teeth in the upper or/and lower jaw.