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We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics are providers of one of the World’s best premium invisible braces in Mumbai at an affordable price

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Invisalign® Treatments at Swiss Dental Aesthetics

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Being one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai, we use the Dental Braces system available across the Globe. At our clinic we lit braces systems available under one roof which provides Guaranteed results. Braces Systems Available at our practise:

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Ashmi Singhai

I had an amazing experience with Dr Tabrez & Dr Amiraa at Swiss. They truly care . Their facility is world class and the hygiene standards are international. They are absolutely ethical and advise only what's really required rather than pushing unnecessary treatment to the client to increase bill amount. Their work is high quality and they put their best efforts in keeping the client extremely comfortable through out and after the treatment. Can't praise their practice enough. One of the Best dental treatment you can get in Mumbai.

Firdaus Abid

Dr Tabrez and Dr Ameera were very welcoming andfriendly. They both were very nice and informative.They made me feel right at hime. They truly care for patients well being. They provide 5 star service and I will be coming here for all my future dental needs!

Batul Qamri

Dr. Tabrez and Dr. Ameera are thorough professionals who do their jobs with utmost care. Not only is their clinic spotlessly clean (which is the need of the hour) but the treatments rendered are also at par with international standards.


Invisible Braces General Questions

Invisalign treatment can take as short as 3 months in case of minor corrections. However, if major changes ae needed than the treatment time may take longer from 12 to 18 months.
There are many brands recently introduced for the invisible braces. At Swiss Dental Aesthetics we use only the best. At our clinic we offer invisble braces which use artificial intelligence and premium material to give you a guaranteed result. The braces are manufactured in USA and are of best quality and hence the cost is justified.
The cost of invisible braces can be as low as 100000 Inr in simple cases & can upto 250000 based on the complexity of the case. However, there are more economical options available like Ceramic and Metal braces which can yield same results too. The cost of these braces starts from 50,000 INR and can be paid in easy EMI.
There are many DIY aligners company currently available in India. The quality of the treatment and the results of these invisible aligners cannot be guaranteed. The Dental Council of India has strictly recommended to avoid DIY aligners due to lack of monitoring and quality control.
Braces treatment do take few months and hence the cost of the treatment is divided into easy installments for the comfort of the patients.
The minimum age to start braces treatment is 10 years. However, Braces treatment do work in patients who are of 30 to 40 years of age too.
Braces is the least painful treatment in dentistry and therefore are done without anesthesia. There is minimal pain and discomfort for one day after the braces are placed which can be managed with a mild pain killer like Crocin.
Normal or conventional braces needs elastics to hold the wire in place which leads to friction and discomfort to the patient. Damon braces eliminates the use of elastics as the bracket itself holds the wire in place without the need of elastics.
  • • Damon braces needs less number of appointments as the tooth movement is faster.
  • They cause less friction and pain due to elimination of elastics.
  • Treatment time is shorter compared to conventional braces.
Ceramic braces look more natural as they do not have metallic brackets. They have higher esthetics and is meant for patients who are self-conscious. However, the metal and ceramic braces do work the same way in terms of treatment time and Mechanics.