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Dr. Tabrez Lakha is a best Implantologist in Mumbai, After completing his Masters in Prosthodontics and Implantology he received advanced training in implantology from the University of Zürich in Switzerland. In 2018, he was awarded the prestigious International Team for Implantology Scholarship at the University of Zurich.
He has authored more than 30 International Publications. His clinical and research work has been published in journals of USA, Europe & Asia. He is also a mentor and director of International Team for Implantology study club in Mumbai. He has delivered multiple international lectures in Europe & Singapore.
  • BDS,MDS, ITI Scholar
  • University of Zürich
  • Prosthodontist & Implantologist
  • Assistant Professor Maharashtra University of Health Sciences
  • Guest Lecturer – National University of Singapore
  • Reviewer- International Journal of Prosthodontics
  • Director of ITI Study Club Mumbai
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Dr. Tabrez Lakha is a renowned Prosthodontist (Smile Designing Specialist), he is the only Indian to receive advanced training in implantology from University of Zürich in Switzerland.

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Rohani Salvi

Great experience with smile redesign . I am a model by profession and they completely changed my look giving so much confidence

Neelam Natekar

Most caring set of doctors , amazingly hygienic facility, had a wonderful experience with my Smile Design. Extremely happy and highly recommended.

Dr Faizan Khan

Being a doctor myself, I was looking for a skilful cosmetic dentist to get Cosmetic Veneers for closing the front teeth gap done for my sister from London. Dr Tabrez Lakha did a fantastic job using the mot advanced equipments combined with his amazing skills. The clinic is very hygienic with a soothing ambience. I woudo 10/10 recommend Dr Lakha and Dr Ameera Lakha for their preofessionalism and dedication to their craft. As they say, sometimes the years don’t matter , the heart you put in your work does. Thank you doctors.

Priyanka Das

M so thankful to Dr. Ameera Lakha and Dr. Tabrez Lakha to give me my smile back after an unfortunate event where I lost my tooth and hence my smile... They were so patient during my whole journey to get back my smile. I am pretty much satisfied with my painless treatment. M grateful to get a doctor duo like this...

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Dental Smile Designing– The Permanent Solution for smiling the dental teeth

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General Questions

We do different Smile Designing Customized as per our patient needs:
This procedure needs minimal number of Visits & can be done without shaping your  teeth.
Being one of the best dentist in Bandra, we use the best composite materials from USA and Switzerland which do not stain easily.
Smile Designing using composite lasts for 5 years depending on your dietary intake.
We have got you covered, we perform painless laser treatment routinely in our practice that will shape your gums and will make your smile look elegant & natural.
Veneers are a long lasting & permanent solution to fix your smile.
Dental Veneers are thin shells of ceramic that enhance the shade and shape of the teeth.
Being one of the best dentist in Mumbai, we use Veneers that are manufactured in USA and Switzerland.
No smile designing is an absolutely painless procedure and most of the times does not even require any form of anaesthesia.
Dental Veneers are thin shells of Ceramic that are used to  cover the front surface of your tooth. They are like contact lenses which are used to change the colour of your eye. Similarly, Dental veneers change the shade and shape of your teeth.
This depends on case to case basis. If they are gaps between the teeth, then you do not need to trim or grind the teeth. However when the teeth are not in the alignment then they need to be shaped by 0.5mm to 1mm.
We at SwissDentalAesthetics use the best quality veneers of Ivoclar (Liechenstein) and 3M from USA. These Veneers are of high esthetic value and strength. They do not break easily. We have been following a patient for 15 years with Dental Veneers. If Done Right Then Veneers do last a lifetime.
There are no harmful/Side effects of dental veneers reported as of now. You need to undergo the treatment with a specialist (Prosthodontist). As they are trained to minimize discomfort during the treatment and help you achieve the IDEAL SMILE!!!
NOT ALWAYS, Composite bonding helps you design your smile in one appointment without drilling the tooth.
No, Root canal is canal is not commonly needed for dental veneers unless an extensive change in shape and form of teeth are desired by the patient.
We @Swissdentalaesthetics completely understand the anxiety associated with extensive smile designing procedure, being one of the best dentist in bandra we use the latest scanners and digital technologies, we scan our patients face and then perform a digital smile designing. This helps our patients have a look at the final result prior to treatment.
You might experience slight amount of sensitivity during the course of treatment and immediately after the treatment. However this sensitivity subsides after few weeks of the treatment. At our clinic we always provide the patients with desensitizing agents that helps in subsiding the sensitivity.
We use only use premium quality veneers at our practice imported from Ivoclar Liechenstein. Hence the chances of them breaking are minimal unless patients forget to follow the post treatment instructions.

You can follow a routine diet, there are no specific dietary instructions. We only urge our patients to make sure that are using the back teeth to chew food and not the front ones.
Unlike tooth colored fillings, Veneers are made of porcelain and do not take up stains easily. Only in patients who have an habit like betel quid or tobacco chewing, the chances of discoloration increases. The veneers do not stain with intake of normal food and beverages.