Root Canal Treatment

Painless Root Canal Treatments at Swiss Dental Aesthetics

A root canal treatment though it may sound scary is a simple procedure that is routinely done in our dental practice. A root canal treatment procedure is performed to save badly infected/damaged teeth instead of extracting them. Delay in root canal treatment may lead to fracture of tooth, replacement of fractured tooth takes more time and is an expensive procedure.

We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics offer Single Sitting root canals using the most advanced techniques that leads to minimal discomfort and pain.

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What is a Root Canal Treatment?

To understand what is a root canal treatment let us understand the basic anatomy of a tooth.
Every tooth has 3 layers
  1. The outer most layer called the ENAMEL (does not contain any blood vessels or nerve fibres)
  2. The middle layer called the DENTIN ( has some amount if nerve fibres but no blood vessels)
  3. The innermost layer called the PULP ( consists primarily of blood vessels and nerve fibres)
The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots.

What are the signs that may indicate you need a root canal treatment ?

There could be various symptoms that could mean you need a root canal treatment. The most commonly occurring are-
  1. Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold food stuff
  2. Pain while biting
  3. Darkening of the tooth
  4. Swelling of the gums near the tooth
  5. Pus oozing out from the tooth

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Root Canal – Get a Single Sitting Pain-Free Treatment
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Aasia Bhamla

Had a wonderful experience with Dr. Tabrez and Dr. Ameera. Did root canal treatment for my daughter which was painless n they took utmost care that my daughter feels comfortable n fearless.They use latest technology equipments n I would love to give them 5 star rating. Would definitely recommend them to others.

Ritu Sawlani

I have been here for my first root canal of my life and was very scared.....but i should say Dr tabrez lakha and Dr Ameera Lakha both have done a fabulous job....and i was very much comfortable....they have this superb arrangements of playing songs and playing movies in screen ...which inturn helps the patient feel relax and divert their mind.....Without any second thoughts just visit this clinic and u will be free from all your toothache problems...

Neelesh Makwana

The best dental care I have ever experienced! Professional, courteous, and friendly Doctor made me feel like family… would highly recommend to anyone!!! This is a great place to go take care of your teeth. The team was very professional examining and providing with solutions by priority. I had to undergo root canal treatment and did a great job , I felt that I was in good hands. They explained very well what was going on. Thanks to Swiss Dental Aesthetics.


General Questions

Every tooth has 2 portions; One is the crown which all of us can see in the mouth and other one is known as Root which is located in the bone and is covered by your gums. Whenever the infection or the decay reaches deep enough it irritates the nerve the of the tooth which is located in the root. Basically, the root canal treatment involves cleaning of the infection present in the nerve.

We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics take utmost care to make your Dental journey Pain free. We use modern technology and 3 step anesthesia protocol to make your Root canal Procedure pain free.

If you feel one of the following symptoms then you should visit your dentist as you might need a Root canal:

  • Pain on intake of Hot / Cold food and fluids
  • Pain during Night time while sleeping
  • Constant pain on Chewing food
  • Food getting stuck in between the teeth

Yes, However It should be done only if you have a Minor infection. In cases of long-standing infection, the root canal treatment should be done in 2 to 3 visits as it helps to eliminate the infection completely.

Yes, since everyone gets a root canal treatment done after the tooth has been infected. These teeth do become brittle and have a high chance of fracture when the patient chews food. It is always better to protect the tooth with a Crown/Cap as it prevents fracture of the teeth.
We at Swiss Dental Aesthetics are one of the best dental clinics in Mumbai and have always customized the treatment for each of our patients. We recommend them to use either a Zirconia or a Ceramic crown as it lasts longer.
We perform Root canals quite frequently and is one of the routine procedures in our practice. The Success rate of Root canal treatment if done correctly is 99.6%.
The Cost of Root canal treatment starts from 5000/- INR. However based on the complexity of each case the final cost will be decided by your dentist after the consultation and X-ray.