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Dr. Ameera Lakha has completed her BDS degree from the prestigious M.A Rangoonwala college, Pune. Her dental philosophy is centered around quality care that relies on patient education, open communication, and empathy.
As an adept dental practitioner, Dr. Ameera firmly believes in providing the best service to her clients while using state of the art technology, materials and equipment. She has been dubbed as the ‘Painless Dentist’, owing to 6 years of dedicated work experience with clinicians across the globe. 
Being fluent in English, Hindi and Gujarati, Dr. Ameera prides herself on being approachable and friendly while being able to provide dental care in an environment that is both comfortable and reassuringly pleasant in the language of your choice. She is an astute clinician who is always aiming for perfection in her work. Her expertise lies in cosmetic dentistry, pain free root canal treatments and teeth whitening.
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Dr. Ameera Lakha’s expertise lies in cosmetic dentistry, pain free root canal treatments and teeth whitening.

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Aamir Hamidani

Presence of yellow teeth and bad breath was a big worry for me. Had visited quite a few clinics in the past but was always unhappy with the temporary solutions given by the doctors. Finally I visited dr tabrez and dr ameera .Doctor checked me in detail and treated my gums for a couple of sittings. Got my teeth bleached too. The results are really satisfying and worth the cost. Dr tabrez has in depth knowledge of every condition. Highly recommend to anyone who has dental problems.

Shivam Shetty

Had a fabulous pain free experience at Swiss dental aesthetics.I had visited the clinic for teeth whitening and dental implants. Teeth whitening was performed by dr Ameera. I have undergone this procedure before with different dentists. However I must say that this time the experience was completely different. My teeth look much whiter with no sensitivity. The experience with dental implants was excellent. the treatment was painless and had no complications. Dr Tabrez lakha explained the procedure before the treatment. There was complete transparency regarding the cost and procedure from the doctors side which is rare these days. I recommend everyone who needs dental treatment to visit Swissdentalaesthetics. Their front desk is really polite and accommodating. Overall it’s been a comforting journey. Definitely it’s the best dental clinic in Bandra.

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General Questions

Our diet mainly consist of food stuffs having many different chromatogenic food substances. This includes presence of turmeric in our daily food. Some of us are addicted to Coffee which contains caffeine, caffeine can stain your teeth to a great extent too. Smoking/ tobacco chewing or consuming tea routinely could lead to brown stains on your teeth. Therefore, if you have one of these habits, then you are an ideal case for teeth whitening/ bleaching.
Let’s understand the process of teeth whitening first:

Teeth whitening is done using hydrogen peroxide gel having concentration ranging from 15% – 40%. This concentration varies depending on the brand of bleaching system used by your dentist. In our office we routinely use ZOOM teeth whitening system by Phillips. In this system the concentration of acid is minimal. Zoom teeth whitening relies on the latest technology for whitening i.e. use of Metal halide (light) to activate the bleaching agent. Hence it does not cause any damage to your teeth.
Teeth whitening or bleaching should be done 1-2 times a year. Undergoing teeth whitening several times in a short period could lead to sensitivity of teeth.
Teeth whitening is performed in a single appointment and takes approximately 15 to 30 minutes depending upon the results desired by the patient.
ZOOM whitening system which is routinely used in our office can brighten your teeth by 8 shades.
Studies have proven that people who smile frequently with confidence are the ones who make impact  during social or professional presentations. Bright teeth will not only restore your natural smile but will help you smile confidently.