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Painless Root Canal Treatments at Swiss Dental Aesthetics

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A root canal treatment though it may sound scary is a simple procedure that is routinely done in our dental practice. A root canal treatment procedure is performed to save badly infected/damaged teeth instead of extracting them. Delay in root canal treatment may lead to fracture of tooth, replacement of fractured tooth takes more time and is an expensive procedure.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

To understand what is a root canal treatment let us understand the basic anatomy of a tooth.

Every tooth has 3 layers

1- The outer most layer called the ENAMEL (does not contain any blood vessels or nerve fibres)

2- The middle layer called the DENTIN ( has some amount if nerve fibres but no blood vessels)

3- The innermost layer called the PULP ( consists primarily of blood vessels and nerve fibres)

The pulp extends from the crown of the tooth to the tip of the roots.

When Is a Root Canal Treatment Required?

A root canal treatment is usually required when the pulp of a tooth gets infected or inflamed.

This usually occurs when there is a long standing decay, a crack or chip in the tooth, secondary leakage under fillings or even due to trauma/injury to the tooth.


What are the signs that may indicate you need a root canal treatment ?

There could be various symptoms that could mean you need a root canal treatment. The most

commonly occurring are-


1- Prolonged sensitivity to hot or cold food stuff

2- Pain while biting

3- Darkening of the tooth

4- Swelling of the gums near the tooth

5- Pus oozing out from the tooth

Get a Single Sitting Pain-Free Root Canal Treatment

Step 1        -          Removal of Decay

Step 2      -            Cleaning the Infection

Step 3        -          Filling the Root with Bio-Friendly Material

Step 4       -           Placing a Permanent Cement

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