Implants! The permanent solution to your problems!

All of us have seen our elderly relatives struggling to chew on that delicious toasted bread because their dentures don’t allow them to bite hard on anything. Sometimes, when they laughed too hard, you saw the dentures fall out of their mouths causing them to turn red with embarrassment. Those were the moments one shudders at the very thought of old age and how dreadful it would be to lose your teeth at any given point in time! Well guess what? Gone are the days where removable dentures is the only solution. Medical sciences have come a long way, with new innovations around the corner every other day. Dental implants are now the to-go solutions in modern times, that provide you with a permanent, bulk-free and painless replacement to your missing teeth!

What is a dental implant though?

Just like your tooth is embedded in your jaw -bone, an implant is a titanium screw that is embedded in your jaw-bone to imitate and replace your natural teeth. The screw acts like the root of your tooth, on top of which, a crown is fixed. For those people who do not like metal in any form, worry not because implants are now also available in full ceramic!

But that sounds painful… 

Did you know pulling out a tooth is more painful that placing an implant? That’s right! Pulling out a tooth leaves an open wound, as opposed to an implant that is covered by the soft tissue. You can even resume function from the next day itself and have no dietary restrictions either! 

I hear implants take 6 months.

That’s too long for me! Traditionally speaking, your implantologist must wait 4-6 months until the implant and bone become one, before placing the final crown. However, where situations demand immediate replacement, you can get your implant and your crown in one go as well! For example, cases that are aesthetically critical, immediate implants are the choice of treatment! 

So ,if you’ve lost your teeth and miss chewing on those candies and apples, don’t hesitate to go for dental implants. From young to old, it’s a permanent solution for everyone!