Watch out for brown discolorations

You see it in toothpaste commercials, you see it on billboards, you see it on the internet. Everyone talks about cavities and how painful they are but do you truly understand what causes it? Once you do, you will understand how effortless it is to avoid them, thereby preventing those dreadful bills at your dentist’s. So, let us break down what tooth decay aka dental caries is and what can you do if you already have it.

Firstly, unlike other ailments, dental problems do not resolve with medication. As much as we’d love to pop pills to keep the pearly whites healthy, that’s a distant dream. Tooth problems are usually related to bacteria housing on your teeth, eating away at the surfaces. The only way to resolve that is to physically remove it. However, simple tricks can help you retain their health and here are few of them:

Brush brush brush but do you floss?

It’s no news that brushing is essential (read: ideal brushing techniques- but flossing is a game changer that most people tend to ignore. Brushing can only clean flat surfaces but how times have you fought that popcorn kernel stuck in between your teeth, even after brushing?
Many foodstuffs, the less obvious kinds too, tend to get stuck between your teeth, rot, and become a scrumptious meal for bacteria resulting in caries. So start flossing, because not only it prevents cavities but also improves gum health.

Eat Better!

A healthy diet is a solution to almost all problems and teeth are no exception. Foodstuff rich in fibre, like carrots and apples are miracle foods for your teeth. Not only do they add nourishment, but also have a cleansing action on your teeth! So next time you want to binge, ditch those bag of potato chips that stick to your teeth, invite plaque and cause decay and chew on some carrot sticks!

But what if you already have cavities?

If you notice any change in colour in your teeth, or have trouble eating cold, hot or hard food stuffs, chances are high that you already have cavities. However, its not as severe as you think. Early intervention at this stage prevents the cavities from getting worse. We assure you, filling cavities is a seamless, painless procedure and the more you delay at this stage, the worse it gets! So, visit your dentist and get your pearly whites in order!


A patient complained to us about a dark brown discoloration on the tooth. On examination, a huge cavity on the tooth was observed.

Teeth cavities need to be treated at the earliest to prevent further destruction of tooth structure. We treated it with an aesthetic tooth colored filling to mimic and restore form and function of the tooth.